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Do you like a project that succeeds? Great; so do we.

We are deeply passionate about marketing, technology and customer satisfaction.

Project management

How we make things happen

We build websites and communities with more than a million happy, monthly visitors. What's our secret recipe? We mix user experience, business needs, time to market, as well as some extra secret spices in order to make your project a huge success.

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Solutions that are simple

Our aim is to always propose the most efficient solution to complete your project. We try to think with you, out of the box, and globally first. This will also help you to keep control over your total budget.


Our clients

Since 2007, IT’s Now has proudly worked with Emakina,, ForwardMedia, Rossel,, ContactOffice … and many other small to large businesses.

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Who is behind IT’s Now?

Frédéric Monet: Self-made man, started programming with a Commodore 64 in 1992. Frederic personally spotted the huge potential of the growing world wide web. He sold his first website to a real estate agency in 1995, at the young age of 15. He built a mobile portal: ”” in 1999, which he also successfully sold. This trend continued with many other projects.

After acquiring experience in the startup scene and the media and marketing world for a couple of years, Frédéric Monet decided to work for big names in the industry via Xerox Global Services for 5 years (successful projects at FedEx, AtlasCopco, Saint Gobain, … ) followed by Emakina, one of the biggest digital agencies in Europe.

In 2007, Frederic founded IT’s Now and to this day he still the acting Managing Director. Frederic is also an investor and board member of several tech/media companies who are investing in the internet of tomorrow.

Frédéric Monet
Frédéric Monet